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Pawfect Beef Stew


1-pound good quality beef cut in chunks

1 sweet potato cut in chunks

1 cup of carrots cut in large dice

1 cup of green beans – organic frozen

1 cup of peas – organic frozen

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1 teaspoon dried parsley

1 teaspoon turmeric

Water or sodium free beef broth to cover (approximately 3-4 cups). 


Heat coconut oil in pan, add beef, and brown slightly.  Add potatoes, carrots, parsley and turmeric cover with water or beef broth.  Bring to boil, lower heat to simmer and cook until beef is almost tender (about one hour).  Add green beans and peas and cook until beef is completely tender.  Add additional water or broth as needed, you don’t want it to get too low during cooking time.  Cool and cut down so the pieces are an appropriate size for your dog.  You can store in freezer safe containers if needed.

Note:  You can switch out vegetables if ones listed above do not agree with your dog.  Overall cooking time will really be based on the size you have cut the beef – the goal is to have this be tender. Be sure to put hardier vegetables at the beginning of the cooking process and any frozen ones toward the end of the cooking time. 

As always, check with your veterinarian before feeding this treat to your dog.

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