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Frozen Apple Pie


One cup of plain organic yogurt

3 apples peeled and cored and cut into slices

Generous pinch of cinnamon

Splash of water – if needed


Blend everything in a food processor.  If too thick add that splash of water to get it moving.  Fill ice cube trays.  When frozen transfer to a freezer safe container.  Can serve straight from the freezer or thaw slightly.  Total calories: 382

Tip 1:  If you are counting your dog’s calories and you make 16 Frozen Apple Pies each will contain 24 calories.

Tip 2: Depending on the size of your dog and the treats you feed it, you can fill each tray compartment with the appropriate.  For example, I only used a teaspoon in each compartment for Joey.

Please make sure you check with your veterinarian before feeding this treat to your dog.

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