In The Works

Independent Research

CANWI’s foundational work in pet food processing and dietary AGEs is moving forward to get more answers for our supporters. We have the incredible opportunity to test biological samples of hundreds of dogs comparing AGEs levels in those eating conventional pet foods and comparing them to those dogs eating minimally processed dog food. Our research team will be comparing dietary AGEs in healthy dogs to dogs with chronic diseases – is the impact of dietary AGEs like what we see in the human studies where arthritis, kidney disease, cognitive disease, obesity, and cancer – AGE levels are high and playing an important role in these disease states? 

And for all our cat lovers – it is time to learn how dietary AGEs impact common kitty diseases like diabetes and kidney disease. Using sophisticated techniques called metabolomics that can detect AGEs and other potential disease markers we will be unraveling some cat mysteries that can help us to feed them better diets.

Research Collaborations

Human AGE researcher, Dr. David Turner, will be collaborating with the CANWI team to test many different pet foods brands and types. A Human and Pet Food AGEs library will be created and available for our pet parents to make better decisions about what they eat as well as what to feed their furry family members.

Link: Anti-A.G.E. Foundation at:

Watch Dr. Turner’s TEDx talk on AGEs:


CANWI board members, Drs. Raditic and Becker will join the Anti-A.G.E. Foundation Board (  to provide all we know about dietary AGEs in our dogs and cats. We want to provide education about healthy foods for our pet parents AND their beloved furry children.

CANWI is proud to announce Dr. Siobhan Bridglalsingh DVM, MHEd, PhD who has completed her doctorate and thesis on AGEs in pet food processing, will be returning to University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine to complete a CANWI funded American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN) Residency. Yeah, Siobhan will be a Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist® joining Dr. Raditic as one of only 96 ACVN Diplomats.

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Congrats to Ms. Nicole Cammack who has received CANWI sponsorship to complete her doctorate studies at UGA Graduate College working with the Eminent Scholar Dr. Art Edison ( Nicole will be taking a deep dive into metabolomics and identification of dietary AGEs and other pet nutrition markers. This cutting-edge research will help us correlate how nutrition and food processing compares in humans, dogs, and cats.